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German-Canadian Materials Acceleration Center
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Using Flexible Automation, AI & Machine Learning to Commercialize Optic-Electronic Devices
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This collaborative project among six organizations will leverage flexible automation and machine learning (ML) to accelerate development and commercialization of electrochromic devices and OLEDs. Discovery and optimization of novel materials is a key step in the innovation cycle for these technologies. However, developing effective materials among a vast array of conceivable formulations is often a bottleneck. The synergistic combination of flexible automation and ML offers a fundamentally different approach to conventional materials research methodologies that can enable the development and deployment of technologies faster than ever before. This project will accelerate the path to market for new products and produce multiple environmental and economic benefits. The project will also contribute to positioning Canada and Germany at the forefront of a growing international effort to merge automation and ML with materials R&D in order to dramatically accelerate technology deployment.