Lectures and seminars

General information

Current courses (Summer term 2024)
Title Type Registration Course material
Critical topics in AI Seminar Closed Ilias link
Machine learning for natural sciences Lecture - Ilias link
Praxis der Forschung Project group - Not available
Past courses
Title Type Last held
Basics of Artificial Intelligence Lecture Winter term 2023/24
Advanced topics in machine learning Proseminar Winter term 2023/24
Critical topics in AI - Perspektiven aus Informatik und Sozialwissenschaften Seminar Summer term 2023
Basics of machine learning Proseminar Summer term 2023
Machine learning for materials science and chemistry Project lab Summer term 2021
Machine learning for natural sciences Seminar Winter term 2020/21
Biologically inspired neural networks Proseminar Winter term 2020/21
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