Welcome to the AiMat group!

The AiMat group (Artificial Intelligence for Materials Sciences) works on the development of AI and machine learning methods with focus on the application to materials science questions.

Our main research areas are

  • Data-driven prediction of material properties and computational material design
  • Accelerated and machine learning based material simulations on atomic scale
  • Direct coupling of machine learning methods with simulations and experiments

More information on the research topics can be found under Research.

The research group was established in 2020 and has been growing ever since. Therefore, we are always looking for talented students and researchers in computer science or natural sciences to join our team!




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Courses for summer semester '21

Our courses for SS '21 are online with our lecture "Machine Learning for Natural Sciences", the related exercise and a proseminar!

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We are hiring!
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We are searching for talented and motivated young researchers with backgrounds in computer science or natural sciences to join the team! Currently available are two PhD projects and one postdoc position! Check out the job openings!


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